Monday, 16 June 2014

Popular Countries for Studying Abroad


Santa Monica Consultants Cochin had a great leading role in representing 200+ Universities/Institutions of 10+ countries including Singapore. A multinational hub Singapore has long attracted the elite to set up base there Singapore with its successful public education system has created a niche for itself in offering high quality education attracting leading institutions from across the globe to set up their operations in the country.

Singapore has 4 major Universities and several polytechnic which provides tertiary education with a wide range of courses which are practicum oriented and are coupled with team work. These courses cover a wide range of disciplines such as tourism, biotechnology digital media, engineering, business studies, and mass communication accountancy and hospitality management. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Norway –Standard of living, highest in the world!

A buoyant economy, high levels of education high life expectancy and the Norwegian focus on quality of life all contribute to Norway’s development. The world Economic forum has ranked Norway as one of the top 20 most competitive countries in that world for the last 4 years. Santa Monica Consultancy has been facilitating higher studies in abroad nations since years.

Norway’s economic growth has been fueled by an abundance of natural resource, including petroleum exploration and production, hydroelectric power, and fisheries. International shipping and the offshore oil industry are typical examples of successful industries that are important areas of research or Norwegian institutions.

Norway is one of the countries confirming to the Bologna process guidelines for higher education in Europe. As a government policy to encourage international students, Norwegian Universities and state Universities do not charge tuition fee.  Although the Master’s program rendered in English, International Students require a basic understanding of the Norwegian language and this is assisted through the language component during the course of study. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thinking of Settling Abroad?

Ever year thousands of Indians migrate to their dream country to seek a better life and brighter career prospects. Immigration allows one to live, work or establish a business and settle down in advanced country and subsequently sponsor their family for permanent residence in that country (in many countries dependents are allowed to accompany the applicant without a waiting period). Most countries like Canada take care of immigrants with much attention by way of free health care, children’s education and pension schemes subject to completion of certain waiting period.

Once the applicant meets all eligibility factors they can proceed on to apply for permanent resident status. It is always advisable to use reliable consultant who would help them through the entire process. Santa Monica Consultants has a dedicated Migration department headed by Immigration Attorney and has helped many families to migrate smoothly. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Why a career in Hospital Management?

Hospital Management is the study of hospitality industry. Hospital management is provided by university colleges which faculties that are having experience in the relevant departments. Hotel management, hotel and tourism management or hotel administration may also refer as to hospitality management degrees. Programmes generally offered for the hospitality management through abroad education consultants in Cochin are Diploma, PG Diploma, Bachelor (Hons), Master’s.

The department of hospitality management offers a variety of opportunities to the international students. The duration of the programme is 2 to 4 years. Hospital Management is a study of different verticles with the purpose of preparing people with vision. To study hospitality management through abroad education students be eligible on high school mark sheets, essay on their pre and post study plans along with their TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Higher Education through Education Consultants

Study abroad educational consultants in Cochin provide guidance in finding the right course and right destination for you as per your qualifications. They help you at every step all through the processes. They proffer the correct guidance and proper information regarding each and every aspect you need to know when you plan to study abroad. Many universities and educational institutions in European countries, US, Australia etc offers variety courses.

The experts in the consultancy helps you choose the course which will be suitable for you, also will find if there are any scholarships that you can avail. They ensure that you get you documents ready for your migration too.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Director of Philosophy and Abroad Education

There can be financial constraints for those students who are ready to do abroad education.  For the last ten years international students have been attracted to  have a education on countries like New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom etc. and etc. from their highly qualified universities their have. These universities are enriched with outstanding and modern cultures. 

Depending on your area of interest, PhD may lead to an academic inviting you to join a research group or project that is already on going, but most PhD's in Australia or New Zealand are approved and undertaken as individual projects. Choosing a right university for doing PhD is not as possible as you think. PhD in abroad may be based your research, particular subjects we want to study more about that and some one based on the inventions. Some countries like Australia, New Zealand the duration of the studies may be three years. These are an excellent opportunity to ask questions, but also to get some guidance as to the best way of approaching academics, and pick up Faculty contacts. Abroad education consultants in Cochin results you the better way to have a good future in PhD studies. All students who have been undertaking a PhD will need student visa for the time of studies.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why Student choose abroad for higher education ?

Foreign education has reached in better destination being in Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, UK, Germany, Norway, Ireland etc. Students realized that their dreams come true beyond their boundaries through abroad education consultants in Cochin. Every year thousands of students are travelling to these countries and fulfill their dreams of studying in reputed foreign universities. Students who were going for higher education through education consultants have a chance to get Scholarship for their higher studies. 

When a student goes to abroad and staying there a long time for higher education, him /her will do their things by own and thereby they becomes independent completely. The students can learn to plan and manage their all aspects of life and becomes a successful, confident in their entire life.